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About Uptaste

Use Uptaste to find easy-to-miss but hard-to-forget places to eat.

What is Uptaste? We’re something like a travel agency business (although we don’t sell flights or hotels). Instead, we specialise in finding the right place to eat, wherever and whenever you are, using location intelligence combined with expert and community curation.

Based in the south of England, Uptaste is a new breed of transactional destination guide. Our mission is to ensure that in six months time you’ll still remember where we sent you.

Uptaste destinations will rarely be restaurants; they’ll be shops, they’ll be street traders, they’ll be local markets, or some other easy-to-miss but hard-to-forget place.

You don’t even have to be a traveller – use Uptaste at home to find out about upcoming festivals, pop-ups and events wherever you are.

Everyone’s a food traveller now

77% of leisure travellers can be classified as culinary travellers, having participated in culinary travel activities such as dining out for a unique or memorable experience, taking cooking classes, or attending food festivals [Mandala Research 2013]

4 out of 5 Millennials agree that trying new food is an important component of traveling [Mintel 2017]

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Additional email and notification subscription options (primarily aimed at consumers) can be found within the Uptaste app