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Hey, you lovely media and blogging folks, we’d love for you to write about us!

What’s innovative / different about Uptaste?

We’re not just another city guide, like Google Trips, TripAdvisor, Facebook City Guides, Yelp, etc.

Heavily curated, not aggregated

Uptaste curates experiences, it doesn’t aggregate them. We have a couple of hundred experiences in London, as against a service like TripAdvisor, which has over 20,000 restaurants in London alone.

Curation enables us to find experiences that will be memorable.

tl;dr We show the good stuff!

Combined commercial and non-commercial

We present experiences and suggestions to users based on location and likely interests. Yes, these will include bookable experiences, but non-commercial and commercial suggestions are all combined into a single feed. Uptaste is the first fully integrated city guide, tours and activity booking agency.

tl;dr Uptaste doesn’t feel like a shop.

Vertical specialisation

Because Uptaste focuses on food (and drink) we can build features optimised to help customers find food when they travel. Other, more generic, destination guides have to worry about ensuring their discovery features can also find hairdressers, doctors, post offices, car showrooms, etc. etc. Their design decisions are not optimised to uncover memorable food experiences.

For example, once we know (having been given permission) that a user is vegetarian, experiences can be filtered with that in mind.

tl;dr We’re food specialists!


Uptaste includes game elements within the app. For example inspired by Pokemon Go, instead of collecting monsters with Uptaste you collect local food tastes. Don’t leave London without having your afternoon tea or your fish & chips.

New style of review – a Reviewfie

Written reviews are broken. They take too long to write leading to polarisation (too positive or too negative) and are too opinionated to be useful. Review fraud is rampant. Uptaste fixes this with a new review that combines your location with your selfie. We call this a Reviewfie. Read the Reviewfie press release

More to come…

We’re only just getting started! Our initial focus has been to get our service up and running providing us a baseline that we can further innovate on.

Further information about how we operate can be found by reading our ethics statement.

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The Uptaste B2B email newsletter is low-volume and ideal for keeping up with what we are doing from an industry perspective. It’s not aimed at consumers so this newsletter doesn’t have any product news or special offers, just interesting updates:


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We have full contact information on the Contact page. If you need a very quick response, please phone the customer support number and we can help.

We do not have a PR agency.

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