Uptaste Press Press release - Introducing the Reviewfie

Press release – Introducing the Reviewfie

Southampton, UK – 22nd June 2017

Are online product and service reviews still fit for purpose?

The Reviewfie is here – a three-in-one solution to the growing problem of online reviews.

Online reviews of products and services are a vital part of today’s e-commerce, a backbone of TripAdvisor and thousands of other successful sites.

But successful entrepreneur and CEO of London start-up Uptaste, Alex Bainbridge, says online reviews are increasingly becoming irrelevant and untrustworthy due to three major flaws.

Online reviews are:

  1. Too simplistic and polarised (either positive or negative)
  2. Wide open to gaming/fraud by competitors
  3. Easily abused (e,g, by customers threatening negative reviews to get freebies)

That’s why Alex and Uptaste have invented the Reviewfie: a new way of posting online reviews that is not only fast, simple and fraud-resistant, but will give your customers a fun way to post an honest review(fie).

Meet the Reviewfie.

ReviewfieWhat is a Reviewfie?

Reviewfies are a revolution in the management of your online reputation; Reviewfies work as a check-in, a review and a selfie.

Reviewfies are created from an ordinary selfie, submitted for what Alex calls “sentiment analysis by artificial intelligence” – an instant assessment of your mood based on your facial expression.

A grimace? You hated it. A smile? You liked it. A big smile? You loved it!

That’s your Reviewfie done in no time at all. No typing, no mistakes and no friction.

Why Reviewfies?

The big advantage of Reviewfies is that they reduce fraud by design. Apps using Reviewfies have both a photo and a location: reviews are attributable and tracked to specific locations, so faking them is both awkward and time-consuming.

But that’s not all: Reviewfies will rebalance online feedback by removing “review friction”. Online reviews currently take so long to write that only those with very strong opinions – either for or against – usually bother.

Reviewfies are simple to make and submit, removing review friction and encouraging everyone to take part, not just the polarised extremes. This also means all reviews are spontaneous, made in the moment, and not (as some review systems allow) weeks or even months later.


Further reading

Erik Wolf of the World Food Travel Association calls for an overhaul in online food establishment reviews. Erik asks “Would you buy it again/go back?” – a major question for us when developing Reviewfie functionality.

HomeAway research – Travellers who snapped photos and selfies on vacation “were 40% more likely to remember their vacations well than those who didn’t.”


Notes for editors

To create a Reviewfie for a particular eating experience you’ll need to be at the place you’re reviewing, that’s just one of the fraud prevention controls mentioned above.

Uptaste is currently available for London, but if you’re outside the capital you can still download the app and create a Reviewfie for some traditional London flavours (e.g. Fish & Chips) by visiting the Tastes section and adding your own unique Reviewfie.

Reviewfie® is a registered trademark: European Union: 016365281

For more about how Reviewfies are just one part of the new Uptaste app, visit our Press Overview page and About page.

Any text above can be attributed to Uptaste CEO Alex Bainbridge – alex@uptaste.com

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