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The Uptaste team

Introducing the Uptaste team…

Alex Bainbridge

CEO / Chief Technology Officer / Investor

Alex has previous form running high-achieving in destination startups and projects. Prior to forming Uptaste he was founder and CEO of TourCMS, the original leader in tours & activities distribution. TourCMS worked with hundreds of local tour suppliers large and small and all the leading online travel agents.

Alex has also done his time in the hotel sector, working with leading hotel chains on distribution strategies and in airline ecommerce.

Top tastes
At home: Steak
Away: Fish fresh from the ocean

Twitter: @alexbainbridge
Uptaste: @alex


Amy Lorna Smith

Chief Content Officer

Why does Uptaste have all the best tastes, tips and tours for our customers to book all over the world? Because of Amy, our ear-to-the-ground, nose-to-the-wind, eye-on-the-main-course tracker of all unique and delicious things that a dedicated foodie could ever want. Amy heads up the content team to ensure consistency and fairness across all listings.

Top tastes
At home: Scones with lashings of clotted cream and jam.
Away: Noi’s honey chicken in Ko Lanta, Thailand.

Uptaste: @amy


Nela Döring

Marketing & Content Executive

Uptaste’s tame Millennial is responsible for stirring creativity and millennial power into our food experiences, content creation and foodie advertising. She specialises in advising the team on top vegetarian/vegan experiences – and balancing Alex’s carnivorous tendencies!

Top tastes
At home: An unconventional salad combining sweet and salty flavours – the more colour the better.
Away: Vegetable Pizza & fresh Apple Whiskey sprinkled with some live Rock music at Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney, Australia.


Stuart Carter

Wordsmith Extraordinaire

Stuart distills the essence of every Uptaste experience into 150 characters or less. Whether that’s the ultimate cosmopolitan pop up bar, the friendliest little local cafe or an entire weekend-long vegan festival, this Carter’s consonants can conjure a a carnival of consumable creations!

Top tastes
At home: A Digestive biscuit dunked in a mug of milky tea. Stuart has developed a unique method of dunking a chocolate Digestive to maximise taste and minimise mess.
Sausages – local varieties especially!

Twitter: @StuPC