Uptaste Ethics Statement

Ethics statement

The intention of this ethics statement is to publicly put on record how the Uptaste editorial team intends to work to earn the trust of customers, suppliers and the wider industries.

We expect this statement to evolve over time. This version dates from June 2017.

Experience listings

Providing accurate suggestions to customers is our primary objective.

We divide a listing into three components:


These should be indisputable – e.g. opening hours or address. We will correct any mistakes as best we can. Please notify us!


Whether an experience is suitable for a certain group size (or a tourist on a first time visit to a city vs. a local) can be debatable. We do the best we can to ensure fairness with the intention of providing the best customer experience rather than commercial objectives. Feedback is welcome on this, but the Uptaste editorial team’s decision is final.


Primarily we are not exposing customer reviews within the listing itself (because we at Uptaste are making editorial decisions rather than the community) – however we are using Reviewfie feedback to feed into ranking.

Competitor fraud

By default with a Reviewfie we have:

  • Location – we ensure that they are nearby an experience when they review it
  • Photo – a selfie

These two factors inherently produce less fraud than legacy text-based reviews such as you find on other services, some of which can be written months after they were at an establishment.

Our intention is that we are more accurate leading to greater fairness overall.

Request for listing

Uptaste is a heavily curated service. Take London for example – we feature less than 1% of all restaurants in the city within the Uptaste service. If you are listed, this is because you are doing something right.

For us adding a listing has a cost – we have to write content, source an image, research facts, translate text to multiple languages. The benefit to the Uptaste service is weighed against this.

We try our best to be comprehensive on commercial food experiences so our approach does differ.


If you are the owner of an experience we have listed and would like to be delisted, please contact us. We would prefer not to remove your business unless you are no longer trading (in which case this is a factual correction so of course we will correct).

You have been selected for the Uptaste service because we think you are the best of the best so removal is something we want to avoid in order to maintain the overall Uptaste quality.

Instead what we really want to understand is your motivation for a delisting request. Please talk to us.