Uptaste Work With Us

We want to work with you

If you’re a company or individual in the travel & hospitality industry then Uptaste wants to work with you.

Local food tour & experience providers

Do you operate local food experiences? Food tours, cooking classes, pre-paid memorable dinners? We will sell your experiences for commission. Further information

Tour guides

Uptaste loves the variety of experiences provided by individual tour guides. We’ll work with you via intermediaries such as P2P tour guide marketplaces, to sell your experiences for commission. Further information

Food & travel bloggers / influencers (Tastemakers)

Do you write about food experiences? Uptaste is building a community of food / travel bloggers (hobbyist or professional). Before we talk about that more, check out our jobs & contracts page

Local entrepreneurs & destination marketing organisations

Uptaste wants to hear from destination marketing organisations (DMOs), convention & visitor bureaus (CVBs) and local entrepreneurs who have an interest in local food tourism in your city or region.

Hotel / airlines

Want to improve the overall visitor experience for your customers? Let’s talk!

Travel agencies & hotel concierges

Uptaste has some great tools to help you engage with your customers about their trip – and you’ll earn commission on any food experience sale!

Shops, restaurants, markets & bars

Many experiences in the Uptaste app are listed purely because they are great suggestions – they haven’t been commissioned. If your shop, restaurant, market or bar has been listed (or you think it should be), contact us.

Not listed above? Talk to us!

More coming in 2017…

Get ready for more details on the above over the course of 2017… to be the first to hear, subscribe to the Uptaste B2B newsletter: