How to get listed

  1. Sign up with Fromigo as a host and follow their application process
  2. Comply with the Fromigo criteria for a listing and their terms & conditions
  3. List your experience in their food & drink category
  4. We will be automatically notified and then decide whether to list within Uptaste.

If you have any questions about whether your listing is suitable before you go through the process above, do talk to us about your plans.

Commercial deal

Uptaste and Fromigo will handle all customer payments for you. You will be paid by Fromigo as per your agreement with them. You do not have a direct agreement with Uptaste.

Managing your listing

Any changes you make in Fromigo will be automatically applied to Uptaste within 30 minutes on average. This includes changing your price, availability, description and image.

List public dates

Uptaste prefers that you have fixed, advertised, dates with known availabilities (Fromigo call these public dates). As a result we give a small ranking boost to experiences with public dates (vs. on demand dates).

Minimum booking size

Setting your minimum booking size to 2 people will open up more opportunities than 4, for example. We do understand that you need a certain minimum value to ensure your tour/event makes financial sense – experiment with setting a lower booking size minimum and advertising public dates. As long as you receive multiple bookings per date, this should work out better.


Your main image should be wider than it is tall, and at least 1500 pixels wide. Digital marketing requires great images so the more you focus on this, the more your experience will stand out. You can update within Fromigo and Uptaste will update automatically.