Uptaste Work With Us Local tour companies

Local food tour & experience providers

We are looking for great local food experiences to sell to our customers. Generally we will work as follows:

  • Uptaste will take customer payment and pay you net of commission
  • Ideally Uptaste should be permitted to sell at a price of our choosing (just like you work with other online travel agents)


We want to work with you on the industry standard 20% commission.

5% technology commission bonus

We are delighted to offer a 5% commission discount (i.e. 15% rather than 20%) if you meet the following three conditions:

  • You use a connected reservation system from where we can source images, descriptions, dates, prices, availability. We will route bookings straight into your reservation system, immediately updating your availability and avoiding you having to manually enter the booking from an email confirmation
  • You have a 24 hour customer friendly cancellation period (or better) – i.e. if a customer cancels with 36 hours to go, they receive a full refund
  • You have a 4 hour booking cut-off or better. i.e. for a tour starting at 18:00 customers can still book up to 14:00, availability permitting

Achieving these criteria enables Uptaste to sell spontaneously – i.e. to customers already in destination looking for things to do today.

No problem if you can’t meet these criteria (yet), we will charge the regular industry commission and send you bookings via email…

Tour description translation / localisation

Uptaste trades in multiple languages. Translation of text content has a significant direct cost (often about 15 GBP / 20 USD per tour description per language) and we would like your assistance to pay for this, if you don’t already have your tour descriptions translated.

Three choices:

  • Provide us your tour descriptions in the 10 languages we support (English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, German, Italian). No fee!
  • Pay us 150 GBP / 200 USD per tour listing per year and Uptaste will do the translation
  • Pay us an extra 5% commission – a per booking translation fee – for the subset of bookings that were sold using a translation Uptaste paid for.

If you go the 5% commission route, it only applies to bookings that we take:

  • NOT in English (i.e. if we have taken a booking in Chinese, we charge the extra 5%, if we take the booking in English, we do not charge)
  • NOT in your local language (i.e. if you are based in Spain, we will not charge for bookings taken in Spanish)

i.e. if we are take a booking in English, for London, no extra per booking translation fee

Immediately confirmed & on request bookings

We are able to work with “on request” as well as “immediately confirmed” bookings.

With on request we expect you to be able to answer a customer request (either taking the booking or saying no) within 24 hours.

New cities

We are currently in London only. We are adding more cities throughout 2017 – if we haven’t got to your city yet please do contact us and maybe we can collaborate on launching in your area.

Connected reservation systems

We are working on adding additional system connectivity. Tell us who you would like us to connect to! Our current list is:

We also directly connect with P2P tour & activity marketplaces